Hosting Made Simple

We will recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective hosting services so that you can concentrate on your business and not have to worry about hosting issues associated with your website.

  • Scalable Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting & Collocation
  • Server Management
  • SSL Certificates
  • Load Balancing & Clusters
  • Linux, Windows & Custom OS
  • International Domain Names
  • Google Search Appliances




At Your Fingertips

Our communication facilities are directly connected to high-speed backbones of the Internet, avoiding smaller unreliable providers and networks. With the direct access to backbones, we guarantee reliable traffic delivery to all parts of the world.

Your Piece of Mind

is Our Priority

We include good old-fashioned customer support, where you can call us on the phone to ask questions or to solve problems. This has been often forgotten with budget hosting companies. We monitor our network and our servers 24/7 to assure uninterrupted Internet presence for your business. You can count on our specialists implementing preventative measures and reacting to any issues or problems regardless from their nature or origin: from hardware failures to security compromises – you can rest assured that your business is safe on our watch.



Our hosting is specifically configured and optimized for the websites that we build.
Our websites run faster with our hosting, and as your website grows, the hosting platform will grow with it. This ensures scalability, security and unparallel
performance of your website.

When your hosting service is down, your website is down.
We monitor our network and servers around the clock.
This allows us to guarantee 100% uptime every month
(excluding scheduled maintenance).

We take security seriously — so seriously that our security measures are comparable to the ones employed by the U.S. Federal Reserve. From biometric hand scans for floor access, to state-of-the art firewalls, our data centers control and restrict access to your data, as well as physical access to the facilities.

Our one-stop approach means that that we are a single point of contact for everything website-related.
Hosting with Intechnic allows you to have all of your web services seamlessly integrated in one place, and work with a single vendor for all of your Internet needs.

Our engineers keep all hardware and software in top condition, monitoring our network around 24/7. Should you encounter any difficulties, Intechnic will provide the support you need. We have always valued traditional, people-oriented customer service that is frequently forgotten in the high-tech industry.

Power systems in our data centers include built-in redundancy, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and backup diesel generator systems. This guarantees that our network and equipment is up and running even in an event of utility power outages.

Every business has a unique need for hosting solutions.
We deliver a wide range of hosting packages that are budget-friendly and meet today’s competitive challenges.
All of our hosting services can be further customized and tailored to your particular requirements.

We offer reliable daily backups of all your data.
Our systems automatically back up your data with a 30-day rotation (storing a snapshot of your data for the past 30 days). We offer both local and remote backup services, as well as quick and efficient data recovery services.

Data centers used by Intechnic are constructed with cutting-edge fire detection and suppression systems. Structural systems also meet or exceed seismic and flood design requirements of local building codes. All this ensures that in the event of a natural disaster, any damage is minimized and/or prevented.