Baco understands your company identity impacts your bottom line. A positive company and product identity enhances your sales and your entire marketing communications plan. A strong company identity can enhance, create, and project an image that will help you sell your product or service.


Your Company Identity Design

We strive to make your companies identity design exactly what you are looking for. A company’s corporate identity design is not only its personality, but the companies reason of being, spirit and soul. The image reflected by the “company’s personality” will make the company identifiable and different from the rest. When creating your company identity design we include all the aspects, ideas, methods, and techniques that your brand needs to be identifiable. Our corporate identity design includes the following; logo design, business card design, stationary design, marketing materials, and much more. We know that a strong company identity strengthens your brand and allows it to become recognizable to the target audience. Therefore, when creating your company’s identity design, we strive to create exactly what you are looking for.

Just a few of our custom branding and corporate identity design specialties we offer:


  • Brand Evaluation
  • Name Development
  • Logo Design / Corporate Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Taglines
  • Company & Product Naming
  • Content Strategy
  • Copy writing
  • Product Marketing

How Does It Work ?

A logo is not a brand identity, though it is an important aspect of brand’s overall identity.

Most people picture a logo when they think about an identity. A logo is not a brand identity, though it is an important aspect of brand’s overall identity. Large organizations that have multiple layers, channels and applications which necessitates a singular, unified vision and tools that facilitate in building a brand. Lucrative brand identity development demands constant written and visual representation across various media such as print, the web and radio and television. The best way to accomplish a highly successful brand identity is to turn to a team of experts that understand the full ramifications and benefits of a full-circle approach. With years of expertise and experience, our team has built prosperous brand identities for both multimillion dollar organizations and small start-ups. We always welcome the challenge that a brand identity development project provides and strive to create a solution that completely encompasses and represents the brand and that appeals to the brand’s consumers.